June 18, 2012

Woahhhhh News!, June 18, 2012

HEY FAMILY!  lot`s of news to share.  But first, I want to say that I just got the letter from the Rubows.  yes.  the one that was written on January 9th.  arrived to Chile the 20th of January(stamp).  to Maipú the 21st (another stamp).  then it got lost  (i`m guessing) because it has another stamp from the Maipú mailroom from JUNE.  So I just got it.  Good to hear from the Rubows!

Yay! Hayden has his license!  Yay, day camp!  yay ma-ka-ja-wan! Dad, get a project going in Santiago (you can go visit my baptisms)!  Mom, you`re great.  Thanks for yelling at Dad on Father,s day, telling him not to help.  that`s the spirit :P

Okay.  Valeska Cruz de Muñoz is a sister in the ward.  that family is just awesome!!! I told her to send you some of the pictures because there were a few I didn`t get on my camera.  could you maybe forward them to me?  thanks!  But here`s the deal.  Elder Guzmán left this morning.  But we found out on Monday night that I also have changes, because President is putting sister missionaries in the ward! 

 Last week after church, when we had a really good Sunday, I told my comp, "I think I have changes-- a whitewash. Not because we`re not working, but because it looks like the ward is changing for the better, and they need a change in missionaries to help them continue on their progression.  

Then on Monday, the promptings I had were confirmed-- but even more of a change: Sisters!!!  But that also implies a lot of things.  For example, the phrase "deep cleaning" has taken on a new meaning.  In other pensions, we deep clean, and it`s clean for the next change, and it`s great.  but when Hermanas are moving in, you really have to deep, DEEP clean.  Great.  That was a few days in the making.  

Also, we had to go around to the leaders and prep them and get them excited for the change in scenery.  The way we worked this past week was very distict of that of other weeks.  interesting.  They also told us 5 days earlier than all the other sectors that have changes because of the need to prep the ward and the sector.  AND on top of all that, It was week number 104 out of 104 for Elder Guzman.  All kinds of craziness running through both of our heads.

A few months ago, I would have been so giddy to have changes, to be honest.  But I have grown to love this ward.  I have grown to love the members and the investigators and the people here in Las avenidas, San Miguel.  I will miss working with them, strengthening them, helping them, and also receiving inspiration, love, and encouragement from them.  I have learned a lot from this ward.  From comps, other missionaries, families, members, investigators, everyone.  I have loved seeing people´s lives change by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ more fully in their personal lives and family lives, by holding fast to the iron rod-- the Word of God-- and applying it in their practical lives, and by really serving and loving one another.

I have seen the ward come together.  I have seen the ward become more unified.  I have seen a distinguished, elderly gentleman humble himself before God and enter the waters of baptism.  I have seen this same man come to church for 5 months straight, even though he lives in a rest home. 

 I have seen a single mother realize that she needs to get active again and live the gospel in her house-- with the hope and faith that her 6 year old son will one day serve an honorable, full-time mission.  I have seen this same, humble, teachable woman accept God´s commandments that many view as too hard-- and it´s not blind obedience.  She does it because she has faith in her Loving Father, and trusts in his promises.  She obeys because she can truly see. 

 I have heard some of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard, in which a witness of the truth was asked for.  A  testimony of a certain principle of the Gospel.  and I have seen those prayers answered by the power of the Holy Ghost.  And I have seen that woman apply that God-given testimony to her life, by following the Spirit and being baptized by someone holding the divine priesthood authority of God. 

 I have seen the priesthood in action as a blessing was given--based on his faith-- in which the man was promised that the chronic pain he always had would leave for this particular weekend so he could go about his necessary activities: serving and lifting others.  And because of his faith, It happened just like that. 

I have seen a humble, loving mother search for comfort and strength in a moment of difficulty, and finding it in the Grace of Jesus Christ.  

I have seen a 10-year-old boy cry because of the love he feels for those who surround him. 

I have seen small child with special needs find joy in the littlest things in life, with a contagious smile.  I have seen this same 2-year old recognize the spirit and, though he still can`t talk, bow his head as he prays.

I have seen a less active young man, with a testimony he recognizes as weak, testify of the power and reality of prayer, one of the things he knows to be true. 

I have seen the spirit work in people´s hearts.  And I have heard both members and non-members say to me, "I feel the spirit right now.  And it`s telling me that this is true."

People are happier when they live the Gospel.  I have seen it, and I know it´s true.

I will let you know where I am next week-- I find out tomorrow.  I love you, I miss you, and I pray for you.

Do something better today.  Love someone.  Serve someone.  Be happy. God loves you.

Elder Cole Moffat