June 5, 2012

The Avenues of Saint Michael, May 28, 2012

Hi there!  thanks for the handwritten letter, mom (I got the first page.... hopefully the second page will come this week).  also, I got the facewash/jelly belly/sweedish fish package!  (my comp was impressed with the jelly bellies.... although you should have seen the look on his face when I gave him a black licorice one hahaha).  Also, thanks for the notes, Myers family, with Captain Mark! (eye patch from detached retna surger - Cole's uncle)

 Dad, I´m impressed with your workout.  and I understand that Spanish may not be your study language anymore... but be sure to at least keep speaking so we can talk when I get back!  and maybe study in English, but read a page or a column or a few verses in Spanish every day to keep it up.
Nate Bennett.  For some reason if you read this post, wherever you are, I´m worried about you.  Write me a letter or email me or something.  I love you, man.

I´m so glad that Sherri Labrum is improving.  I definitely was praying for her, as well as my comp and my district leader.  So, Labrum family, know that you had at least 3 missionaries praying for you here in Chile.  And we´ll continue praying.

This week we had a few cool things happen.  A couple from Cali, Colombia moved into our ward this week!  They´re probably about 45-50 years old, super spiritual, really want to work in the obra del señor, and have really really REALLY thick Colombian accents.  Because I´m not used to it, when the mom started talking, I almost laughed outloud because it´s soooo different than Chilean Spanish.  woah.   Once I got used to it, it´s a nice accent -- pretty, but I can only imagine how it sounded when you guys went to go visit John and Judith with all of her family there.  woahhh.  But this couple is super legit.  I feel like they will be a huge blessing for the ward.

We also had our Ward Family Home (chapel) Evening, organized by us.  We watched this short little video about the importance of the Book of Mormon, some of the members shared their testimony, the spirit was felt, una hermana sang (really good voice), and then there were games and some grilled ham and cheese with hot chocolate. We had more people come than we thought would come with the rain and all.  There were about 35-40 people there, and from what it sounds like, the feedback is really positive.  It´s the first ward activity this ward has had in a long time.  The first one since I´ve been here-- so the first one of 2012.  Hopefully the Ward will keep going with the animo they got from the activity.  YAY.

A few things I read from the Book of Mormon this week:  Alma 47 basically explains the doctrine of how Satan works, and thus we can learn how to recognize and withstand the temptations of Satan to be able to follow Christ more fully.  Alma 48 talks about how Awesome Moroni is, and what he did to protect his people-- we can learn how we can protect ourselves, our families and our friends from what he did.  Last verse of Alma 49-- we have the promise of GOD that we´ll prosper spiritually and know what to do in life when we listen to, read, and apply the Word of God as given through the scriptures (words of ancient prophets) and those who have been ordained of God (Prophets, Apostles, Bishops, Missionaries, etc.)  Also, Remember that Christ is sometimes referred to as The Word.  Apply The Word (Christ) and His atonement to prosper in the land-- i.e. have the spirit with you always.

Love and Scriptures,
Elder Cole Moffat