September 1, 2012

Fechas, 4, August 25, 2012

A member in Cole's area made this... too fun!

Hey family!!  Awesome week!

Sunday, a Member family brought another family to church, and we talked with them after sacrament meeting and had a class with them.  They´re really interested in the Gospel and learning about it adn everything.  We talked about Baptism (because the member asked us to have a lesson on Baptism for his friends) on Sunday, then we went back on Tuesday.  We were able to teach them a spirit-filled lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then talk about the Book of Mormon as physical evidence of that Restoration.  Because they already had a pretty good base on Baptism from our Sunday class, it was a pretty good transition to invite them to fulfill what God wants them to do by making a sacred covenant with him through Baptism.  They realized the importance of it and were quick to say yes!  However, they were a bit hesitant on setting a date.  Yesterday, Friday, we went back and read through 3 Nephi 11.  In verse 18, the people shout "Hosana!" upon realizing that it was really Jesus Christ, their Savior, in front of them.  "Hosana" literally means "Save us."  So in response to that plea, Jesus gives people the authority to baptize, and then proceeds to explain the proper manner of baptism.  We stopped and talked about what was happening 3-4 times while reading.  Jenifer, the mom, just understood everything, really well!  So when we finished chapter 11, we asked them, "So, what is Christ´s invitation in this chapter, based on what you understood?"  and the immediate reply from Jenifer, "That we get baptized!  That we have faith, that we repent, and that we get baptized, according to the Doctrine of Christ."  It was an AMAZING experience.  MIRACLE.

On Monday, we were with-- OH MONDAY!  I forgot to say, 7 missionaries left in the middle of the change to get back in time for school!  So, that was pretty crazy stuff.  Elder Rios´s companion, Elder Smart, went home, so he was with us for the night.  We went, Elder Rios, Elder Wharton, and I, out into the sector to work.  Well, Elder Rios served in this ward almost a year ago, so we took us by a bunch of investigators, and with some we set some FECHAS!  it was awesome!  We also got some other new investigators.  MIRACLE.

On Wednesday, we taught Jesica y Elsa, the mom and

These past few days we´ve also done a lotttt of contacts.  I feel that in our mission, there´s this stigma that contacts are super hard and boring and not what you want, and so as a mission, we are wayyy low on the contacts.  I would say that most of the contacts we do are pretty good contacts, but we just don´t do them as much.  So the past few days as the office district, we´ve just decided to do what Preach My Gospel says, and literally talk to everyone.  We´ve gotten more than 20 contacts the past few days, and we´ve done it just taking 2 hours each day and talking to everyone we walk by.  Put that in contrast to my first 2 weeks this change, we got 23 contacts total (granted, the first week of the change is always nuts).  But we did that in two HOURS.  The people need to hear our testimonies.  They need to hear that God loves them.  They need to be given the opportunity to use their agency and choose to learn more about their Personal Savior, Jesus Christ.  Unfortuneately, there are people that simply don´t want to learn more about the being that gave His life for them, but we as missionaries, and as members of the Church of Jesus Christ who live His gospel, need to lift our voices and share what we know and why we know it.  We need to share the blessings we´ve recieved from God by following His plan.

I hope everything is okay there at home, and that you have a WONDERFUL start to the school year!  Love you guys!
Elder Moffat