September 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, August 18, 2012

Not much to tell this week, sorry. but I did get the letter from the
primary! Yay! That was really cool.

So basically this week in the office was really busy with the people
leaving in the middle of the change for school. I had to do all the
things I normally do week 3 of the change, plus most of the things I
do (and will do) weeks 5 and 6 of the change (Go-homer stuff). So
there was quite a lot of trabajo this week-- plus some different visa
stuff. BUT! well, okay, let me give the back story first. We were
teaching this guy in Las Avenidas (like May-June ish) named Francisco.
He was a friend of the Duran Family and really cool. We couldn´t
teach him all too often because of his work schedule (front desk of an
apartment building during the night shift 5-6 nights a week), but when
we did, he understood and was very interested. He was reading in the
Book of Mormon when he could, and came to church 3 times when I was
there, the 2nd and 3rd time by himself, without us or another member
picking him up. Pretty cool. The Duran Family was helping a lot with
him and we had a few lessons in their house. Which brings me to this
past Sunday, HE GOT BAPTIZED! And president knew that I started
teaching him, and that he got baptized, so he told me to call
Francisco this week to congratulate him (it wasn´t that he let me, he
actually told me I needed to do it, which was really good haha). That
was cool. Apparently there were like 40-45 people that went, and
that´s a whoooollle lot, considering that regular Sunday attendance is
50-55! And Hno. Duran, who baptized Francisco, apparently was really
sick that day, and could hardly walk. They were all worried that he
wouldn´t be able to go to the service, let alone baptize someone. But
then came the time to go to the baptism, and suddenly Hno. Duran felt
great! So there were some miracles there as well. It´s great to be
about the work of the Lord.

Last Sunday, here in Maipú, we got to teach about the Restoration to
an investigator family. When we got to Joseph Smith and the First
Vision, the Spirit was soooo strong! Incredible. I felt it, my comp
felt it, the members that were with us felt it, and most importantly,
the Family felt it. I was then able to testify of what they were
feeling (applying Dad´s advice, yet again), and help them recognize
that it was the spirit, testifying to them that what we just finished
teaching was absolutely 100% truth from God. Lately, we haven´t
gotten to teach the restoration as a first lesson to investigators.
oh it was so refreshing.

Other than that, not too much to tell, other than the Lord is always
in this work, and he loves people so much that He will never infringe
upon their ability to choose-- he will always respect their agency.

Well, write you guys next week. Have fun starting school (is that
this week or next?)

Elder Cole Moffat