August 25, 2011

Hola Familia! August 25, 2011

A few items of business:  Thanks for the letters, family, Kenz, and Brooke!  I want to write people, but I have no addresses!  So write me so I can get your address and write you.  Also, mom, I factory reset my phone, so you won't be able to text anyone from it, but all the numbers are on my gmail account (  Also, if you have any thoughts throughout the week, just send me short little things on dearelder! I love getting mail!!
So cool to hear about home!  Good luck on your talk, Spencer!  I'm sure you'll do great, and I bet you won't pass out either :P  And the treats were amazing, mom!  my district loved them!  Also, the big thing at the MTC is tie trading, and I've gotten some pretty nice ties!  If you guys wouldn't mind sending me some paisley ties, kind of like the red one i have, that would be great!  I'm kind of lacking on the paisley.  I trust your taste, mom :)
So, We've gotten new "investigators" this week.  Sonya and Francy (Hermana Vance y Hermano Heap), and it's been going pretty well.  Yesterday we (I) really tanked the lesson with Francy, though.  Definitely a learning experience.  But other than that, Elder Gehring and I have been teaching pretty well.  We know enough spanish to get by and attempt to answer their questions, but we still have so far to go to really be able to express our thoughts as clearly as we'd like. 
I did get a ladder for my bunk bed so I wouldn't have to try and climb up, and more dangerously, down the side with almost no steps and up against the closet, next to Elder Gehring's head.  so the ladder is good.  Stephen left already, too!  Monday!  He left a few weeks earlier than planned because I guess the Leeds mission needed a missionary sooner, and STephen was there adn ready!
This week I also taught "Sunday School," aka district meeting on the Nature of God and the Atonement-- talk about deep stuff!  But since I found out at 10:15  the night before, I had to pretty much wing it.  Good thing I was gospel doctrine teacher at school!
It's interesting having 2 weeks under my belt already, and noticing how this wed-sunday moves soooo much faster than my first wed-sunday.  Time is definitely speeding up, and I'm thinking it will only get faster!  Also, I got to witness something that happens very very rarely at the MTC-- opening a mission call!!  Elder Wright has been here for 9ish weeks and is going to Columbia, but his visa hasn't been processed yet.  So, he opened his temporary reassignment last night-- Washington DC South, which happens to be where a few other elders in our zone are going in a few weeks as well!  So exciting, and we had a little fiesta for him, pie, chips, salsa, brownies, cookies, the works.  Pretty fun stuff!
Literally less than an hour ago, I auditioned for a musical number for one of the Firesides/ meetings at the MTC.  I auditioned accompanying this new guy in our district singing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives."  He has a pretty good voice, and I like the arrangement.  I also auditioned for the "I Am a Child of God" piano solo from memory, and at the end of both pieces, the lady we auditioned for told us that we definitely will perform sometime, that we're definite "yes"es.  It was cool!  I want to find a piece to sing as a vocal solo... Dad, can you dearelder me the lyrics to "I heard the voice of Jesus Say..."?  I might try and do that one.  So pretty!
My Spanish is coming along well, and I'm learning so much about how to teach the Gospel!  I love it here, but I can't wait to get to Chile!
Sorry there's not a whole lot to write this week.  after the newness of the MTC wears off, it's pretty much the same thing day by day, week by week.
Le Amo a Ustedes,
Elder Moffat