May 14, 2012

Here We Go, May 7, 2012

Hey Family!  Glad to hear from you all!  First, looks like we`ll be talking this Sunday at 6 my time!  I have a request for the next package.  and honestly, when I say next package, I don`t mean that I necessarily need it asap (MOM).  It literally means, "the next time you send a package," so you don`t have to waste money sending a bunch of little ones (i would imagine it`s cheaper to send one bigger one.).  SO, in the next package, whenever it may be, can you send shredded coconut? odd request, i know.  but it`s not the same here, and there`s this member in our ward who wants some (he`s the one that lived in the states and when he lived in other countries is schooling was in English.  he`s basically American).  so a bag of shredded coconut.  also, I think, Dad, you would be good buds with this guy.  Rodrigo Duran.  you can look him up if you want.  Also, Dad, do you know a David Gardner from Arizona who served in Chile Concepcion in `89?  He baptized this lady in our ward, and I don`t know if you knew him or knew how to contact him.  Luke, yes, i`m pretty sure it was a poisonous spider.  but don`t worry.  they don`t bite if you don`t bug them.  and here in this apartment i haven`t seen a single spider.  so it`s okay.  don`t worry.

WELL.  I`ve been here for January, February, March, and April.  and I don`t have changes.  which usually means i`d be here until June 19th.  But, you see, this is my comp`s last change in the mission.  So, he`s going to have super changes and leave the sector... and go to Buenos Aires.  which means that unless there are special changes, they whitewash the sector, or they close the sector (none of which are likely), I`ll be here until at least the 31st of July.  3 more months, will make it 7 months total.  Dad, if you thought staying in San Antonio for 3 months was huge, i`ll be here for a bit longer.  Walking the same streets for 7 months straight is a bit much... but hey- it looks like the Lord is waiting for me to do something more here in this ward/this sector.  I just need to figure out what it is, and DO IT.  and soon.  and President King said something that struck me.  "your investigators won`t work harder than you do."  And neither will the ward.  I`m still trying to process the fact that I`m going to be here for 12 more weeks... It`s like an entire school year in one sector.  but hey.  "i`ll go where you want me to go"- or rather, "i`ll stay where you want me to stay."  YEAH.

I love you all, and I`ll talk to you Sunday at 6:00 Chile/ 5:00 Chicago!

Love, Elder Cole Moffat

PS- I liked it when you sent pictures.... who cares if they`re random or old? Right?